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Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats

Electrical Insulation rubber mats are the best insulator of Heat & Electric current. Electrical panels in powerhouses, electrical distribution rooms, prevention & protection of workers involved in such operation.

Electrical Insulation Mats are designed for Safety of workers while working with high or Low Voltage Electrical equipment. These mats are laid on floors in close vicinity to Electrical apparatus, L.T & H.T Control Panels, Switchboards, Fuse Boxes, Switch-gear, electrical Bus Bars & Heavy Machinery. Insulation mats are made mandatory to be installed in Industrial Premises for the safety of workers involved in any operation related to electricity generation, transmission or distribution.

Safety matters!! We continuously seek to develop Tools, Techniques, and Products that will have a greater impact on workers safety!

Product Name: Electrical Insulation Rubber Mats
Product Material: Natural Rubber
Color: Brick Red
Sizes Available: Length x Width – 100 x 66cms, 150 x 75cms & Thickness 7mm
Quality: Export Quality only, Long Lasting
Advantage: Withstood 35KVms for one minute, Breakdown Strength – 50KVms
Applications: Shock Proof Rubber Mat is non-conductive and designed to protect against Electrical Shock when working around High Voltage Equipment
Areas of Applications: Fuse Box, Control Panel and Switch Board Panel

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