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Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mat

Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mat reduce fatigue and has medical benefits. Eco-friendly floor mats for shop floors, houses, institutions etc. create a non-slip rubber floor to improve safety, acupressure mat.


  • Bubble design provides comfort while standing
  • Perfect in the kitchen, laundry room, workshop, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing facilities
  • Skid-resistant backing
  • Natural Rubber / SBR
  • Easy to use, Washable
  • Hose or wipe clean
Product Name: Anti-Fatigue Bubble Mat
Color: Black
Sizes Available: 90 x 60, 145x 90 Sizes are approximate
Advantage: Easy to use, Washable
Areas of Applications: Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing facilities
Material: Natural Rubber / SBR

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