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Door Seals / Gaskets

KV Enterprises, Door seals Gaskets are manufacture & supplying across the country and we can manufacture custom EPDM gaskets and EPDM door seals, no matter of quantity you required. We are dedicated to provide our customer with high quality product at right time. EPDM (ethylene-propylene-diene-monomer) has excellent resistance to ozone sunlight, severe weather conditions.

The most common and by far the most important application of the EPDM based sealing system in an automobile is the door seal (co- extruded profile). These are dynamic seals which seals the door with door flange firmly to avoid dust, water & air leak inside the cabin.

Product Name: Door Seals / Gaskets
Product Material: EPDM (Synthetic Rubber)
Areas of Applications: Used in automobiles, enclosures, doors, control panels, electrical panels etc.
  • Outstanding heat, ozone and UV resistance
  • High coefficient of friction, also at low temperatures
  • High flexibility at low temperatures
  • Suitable for outdoor applications

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